About Us.

Our focus is to simply make our clients’ lives easy, allowing them to focus on the higher level functions.

About us

Azra Solutions.

Is a 100% Australian owned and operated, proactive and dynamic business.

It all started with a realisation that the Managed Services Industry needed a new face, a company that does things differently, a company that focuses on value add services and not pushing products to meet targets or quotas.

Due to our flexibility and nimble size of our team, we are able to engage and collaborate throughout the work day and often after hours to meet the ever changing requirements and demands of your business. At the end of the day, just like in your business, people are our most important asset. We look after ours so they look after you.

Our Vision.

We believe that digital transformation is first and foremost a business transformation.

People, not technology, are the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle. Leaders must constantly challenge their organizations to ensure that this technology-enabled change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage and understand where and how the fundamentals of their current operations could be unsettled by agile new entrants or new business models.

Core Values.

By integrating synergy into our everyday practices the team at Azra Solutions can deliver world-class service that exceeds expectations.

Working collaboratively with clients and listening to their feedback, keeps us focused on their needs, their objectives and their specific requirements. Our combined efforts internally, equate to proactive, cost effective and client focused results. And through our integrity, determination, skill and experience, we provide leading edge technology solutions ensuring an outstanding customer experience. To create synergy within Azra Solutions, we focus on our people, on teamwork, and on personal accountability.


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3 Reasons to Partner.

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Fixed Cost Schedules

The days of doubt are gone, we provide acurate budgeting when spending on IT. All of our monthly agreements are fixed cost & require no more to pay.

Dedicated Engineers

Any Architecture, Any System, Any Server, Anytime. We live for the challange. All of our staff can provide instant support without the need to escalate.

Customer Satisfaction

No matter the size of your business, all of our customers are treated with the same level of respect and care. We look after our staff so they look after you.

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